Watch this movie showing the mind boggling 15,000-ug LSD trip of a Harvard student

Watch this movie showing the mind boggling 15,000-ug LSD trip of a Harvard student

A Harvard philosophy undergraduate after going through thick and thin to arrange for $100,000 to replace his parents’ tornado stricken house, ingests a whooping 15,000-ug of pure LSD while on a flight. The 2001 movie, Harvard Man, shows in first person the psychedelic trip after ingesting such massive amounts of the pure hallucinogen.

The poster of 2001 movie Harvard Man, directed by James Toback.

James Toback is widely known to be one of those directors and screenwriters of Hollywood who have very imminently expressed their own life experiences into their movies. On similar lines, Toback based this movie on his time that he spent while he was studying philosophy in the Harvard University back in the 1960s. In a few interviews to magazines, Toback has recalled his psychedelic experiences he gained during his sophomore days, one of them being ingesting the most massive ever hits of LSD ever taken by man, the one he gives out for the audience to understand of his movie Harvard Man.

James Toback has used a lot of visual effects and morphing in the movie so as to represent all the visual and auditory hallucinations and perceptional changes that a person experiences while on powerful psychedelic substances such as LSD, and will seem widely relate-able to those students who are going through various personal and interpersonal issues in their lives and are also avid users of acid or other psychotropics recreationally.

Alan Jenson (played by Adrian Grenier) is a philosophy undergrad in Harvard, and also is the point-guard in the basketball team. With great struggle trying to manage his schedule between his classes and his game, he is also trying hard to juggle between his two girlfriends – cheerleader Cindy Bandolini (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Chesney (Joey Lauren Adams), a professor ten years elder his age.

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