Is telepathy on LSD and other psychedelics real?

Is telepathy on LSD and other psychedelics real?

“Psychedelic telepathy is you ‘see’ what I mean.” –

Terrence McKenna

How crazy will it be if a pill could give you psychic powers? How one tablet of magic could give you power to read others’ mind? How great will it be to be able to secretly communicate with your partner while tripping without using any physical signal? Is LSD or MDMA that magic pill? Do psychedelics really give the users psychic powers and ability to do telepathy?

The ability to read into others’ minds and to communicate using telepathy have been one of the most sought after areas of psychic capacities that have long been talked about and explored by scientists, psychiatrists, hippies alike, and psychonauts. Since the method of communication and understanding seems to go down at its roots to the understanding of the neural system of the human brain, researchers round the globe have conducted controlled experiments to study the phenomenon in various settings amongst various groups of humans. Also, because telepathy in its wholesome form itself is nothing but theoretically an expansion of the capacity of the brain beyond usual and level-up it’s cognitive power, telepathy normally as well as under the influence of psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin has been a topic of much curiousness amongst the trippers.

People doing telepathy | It can be acheived through  use of psychedelic drugs also.
Evidences of telepathy were becoming more and more common among the amateur psychedelic drug users such as psilocybin and acid.

The scientific experiments conducted within the field of parapsychology had changed the outlook towards telepathy and extra-sensory perception (ESP) being considered as a paranormal phenomenon to detailed study and conclusion with logical and scientific backing, with various experiments such as Zener Cards, Ganzfeld Experiment, and twin telepathy. However, the conclusions and scientific reception could not establish any scientific or psychiatric roots of extra-sensory perception, and established the concluding belief of it being nothing but probability of coincidences and unexplained ‘psi phenomenon’.

With this a question arises

are LSD flashbacks for  real?

With the lack of scientific evidence, and growing curiosity in this field, many psychonauts and trippers tried experimenting with these abilities of secret communication under the influence of psychedelics such as LSD, Psilocybin etc, as well as in various combinations such as LSD and MDMA (candyflipping). Many trippers started giving accounts of experiencing psychic abilities while tripping, such as various instances of common thought-instances with their partners during the trip. This gave room to various theories being drawn about telepathy in general, as well under psychedelic influence.

However, it started becoming more and more known, and reports of such transpersonal communication by millions of sober people had started to surface from round the globe, thus dismissing the establishment of telepathy as a purely psychedelic peculiarity. But it was noticed that evidence of such instances was becoming more and more common among amateur drug-users who were intentionally popping LSD to ‘communicate’ and ‘read minds’.

“In my informal studies beginning nearly forty years ago, I have used LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin, if I had an urgent need to communicate with someone at a distance, when a telephone was not available. Each of these substances worked fairly well under such needy conditions. At other times, my colleagues and I would use one of these substances to try sending and receiving simple messages just to explore and to study the potentials of this direct mind-to-mind communication process. When we compared our responses afterward, we discovered how our memories and internal dialog could skew the results.” –

Jean Millay, Ph.D.

Professor Jean Millay, Ph.D. conducted a small test experiment in 1997 with 12 test-subjects, all students of University of Amsterdam, to study the influence of psychedelic substances on remote viewing. Those who were under the influence of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) achieved a success rate of 58.3%. Dr. Millay associated the abilities of telepathy, telekinesis and remote viewing to the ability to focus attention and clear any interpersonal emotional issues that would interfere in perception of external scenarios and cause them to be skewed.

Beyond the ‘apparently logical’ theories of planes of vibrations and reception being altered, or more specifically ‘raised’, while under the influence of psychedelics, and regarding synchronity and confluence of these planes of vibration to common thoughts, it was considered most wise for enhanced cognition and reception and increased sensitivity to non verbal form of communication, or the ’emotional leakage’ that Johnny English was troubled with haha, to account for psychedelic telepathy and mind reading.

Non verbal forms of communication, ie, exactly the way animals communicate, comes out to be the region of cognition that we humans largely miss out on. Facial expressions, eye-body movement, behavior, tone of voice, body language etc make up the major part of the entire communication process. And we humans are so used to using and recognising speech and verbatim that we have essentially forgotten how to tap into the other leaks.

Psychedelics enhance our sensory and cognitive receptors which tap out the non-verbal features of communication which we miss out in the sober state.
Psychedelics enhance our sensory and cognitive receptors which tap out the non-verbal features of communication which we miss out in the sober state.

Psychedelics are known to trigger the emotional and sensory receptors in a way that all those frames which we ignore under the sober state come out as separate clear perspectives and strike to our stimulus as triggers. Even the minute changes in details or occurrences appear very sharply to the user while tripping.  Simultaneous connectivity between all this ‘tapped’ data being leaked from our partner forms us a picture in the mind, which on the whole we regard as the common thoughts, or telepathic evidence.

Thus, it would be very safe to assume that psychedelics do not change anything in our brain to make it experience psychic abilities – they rather make us more alert to the minute non-verbal signals which our tripping partners or others around unknowingly leak, that helps us to recognise and apparently coincide with their thoughts.

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