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Train your memory so that you will remember and never forget:
• Names • Faces • Numbers • Events • Facts • Ideas and much more…

• Are you timeefficient and productive?
• Do you wish to have a photographic memory
• Are you using your mind to the fullest?

Bestselling author Harry Lorayne shares the secrets to a powerful memory for efficient living.

Secrets of Mind Power will help you think more effectively to achieve longterm success. The easy and effective techniques mentioned in this book will help you get rid of postit notes and todo lists to remember names, faces and even phone numbers! The author also introduces the Link and Peg systems for effortless everyday living.

Some of the fascinating memory aids here will teach you how to:
• Develop your memory
• Think effectively
• Strengthen your will power
• Make more money

With proven techniques, enhance your memory and unlock the Secrets of Mind Power.

Harry Lorayne is the world’s foremost authority on memory and the author of a dozen books on the subject including the The Complete Guide to Memory Mastery. He was titled ‘The Yoda of Memory Training’ by Time magazine.


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