Are acid flashbacks real?

Are acid (LSD) trip flashbacks real? Do some people see sudden visual hallucinations and unexpected visual distortion and other effects of acid kicking in long after, days, months or even years after doing LSD? What is HPPD? Let’s see if it’s true or a myth… What is an acid/LSD flashback? A flashback can refer to any situation where a person starts to […]

Watch this movie showing the mind boggling 15,000-ug LSD trip of a Harvard student

A Harvard philosophy undergraduate after going through thick and thin to arrange for $100,000 to replace his parents’ tornado stricken house, ingests a whooping 15,000-ug of pure LSD while on a flight. The 2001 movie, Harvard Man, shows in first person the psychedelic trip after ingesting such massive amounts of the pure hallucinogen. James Toback is widely known to be one of those directors […]

Is telepathy on LSD and other psychedelics real?

“Psychedelic telepathy is you ‘see’ what I mean.” – Terrence McKenna “How crazy will it be if a pill could give you psychic powers? How one tablet of magic could give you power to read others’ mind? How great will it be to be able to secretly communicate with your partner while tripping without using any physical signal? Is LSD or […]