TrippyMonk is a portal that aims at a psychologically and physically healthy and responsible society that unifies existence and good-living between all forms of nature, and in principle striving for spiritual reform and awakening of your soul, by providing information, articles, news, and other content about it.

We also aim at providing an unbiased insight towards the realm of psychedelic and psychotropic substances, giving essential facts about the psychological, physical, social effects of using and abusing licit or illicit substances of psychotropic nature, as well as the development in technologies and methodologies that produce altered stages of consciousness (or ‘trip‘ as our modern day hippies call it); and the associated challenges such as ‘preventing overdoses‘, ‘psychedelic harm-reduction‘, ‘drug addiction treatment‘, and tackling ‘emergency situations triggered by, or involving drugs‘ and the above mentioned substances.

The website also explores the realm of psychedelia and  through content that is informative, guiding, as well as involving elements of humour that reflect upon the growing phenomenon of self-expression including the hippy and trippy culture of psychedelic trance, something that is overtaking the world presently at the helm of the young generation that is reviving the culture of the fab 70’s with the present day elements and facilities.